Tuesday, 3 November 2015

This Week's Chronicle: Friday 6th November

Title: 'Tackling Child Obesity: a child's view'

Speaker: Michelle Barr


  • Setting Up: Walter S. & Geoff H.
  • Projector: Stephen DB.
  • Opening Reflection: Len K.
  • List Visitors: Loretta W.
  • Sergeant: Brian K.
  • Intro: Michelle S.
  • Thanks: Bryan H.
  • Last Word: Dexter B.

Last Week's Meeting - Friday 30th October

Title: Debating in NZ Colleges
Speaker: Sophie Kane

Visitors: Sophie Kane (Speaker)., Michael K. (Father)., Celia B., Mary E. Norma P.
Apologies: Don L., Walter & Michelle S., Brian F., Brian K., Ron H., Bede C.


Yes! It is that time of the year again Folks!

$20 per tin OR $30 gift wrapped! 

Please place orders with Yvonne DS. who will be circulating the Clipboard on Friday 

or you can email her on: 

Next Friday's Meeting - Friday 13th November

Title: 5000 Years of Chinese Civilisation
Speaker: Margo MacVicar

Margo MacVicar is the presenter in Wellington and Poutama Sik-Wai Tsoi JP, presents in Auckland. 

Both Margo and Poutama have spoken at Probus, Rotary, Lions and other Communities Groups.

Heaps to learn from this address so please come along!


  • Setting Up: John C. & Don L.
  • Projector: Bryan H.
  • Opening Reflection: Marten Y.
  • List Visitors: Jean P.
  • Sergeant: Brian F.
  • Intro: Arthur Y.
  • Thanks: David E.
  • Last Word: Yvonne DS.

If you have a duty, please arrange your own relief and inform 
Brian K., by 7pm Thursday
Thank You.

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