Tuesday, 17 November 2015

This Week's Chronicle: Friday 20th November


Bryan's Recent Travels through France, Grindelwald, Berlin and Dubai.


Bryan Hall (Immediate President of our Club)


  • Setting Up: David E. & Ben B.
  • Projector: Jean P.
  • Opening Reflection: Ern P.
  • List Visitors: Dexter B.
  • Sergeant: Arthur Y.
  • Intro: Brian K.
  • Thanks: George B.
  • Last Word: Stephen DB.

Last Week's Meeting - Friday 13th November

Title: 5000 Years of Chinese Civilisation
Speaker: Margo McVicar

Guests: (Speaker) Margo McVicar, Laurie B.
Apologies: Bryan H., Bede C., Paul C., Ron H., Stephen DB., Walter & Michelle S., Geoff H.


  • Please take note of the 'Xmas function at the Home of Compassion's Soup Kitchen' attachment  that was sent with the Chronicle via email.

Musicians for DCM Fundraiser 

Event Organiser and Wellington Musician Rob Joass (Hobnail) says:

"DCM works at the tough end of things and we want to help them help Wellington's most vulnerable people. Giving to DCM gives us the best bang for our buck
 - every cent donated directly helps DCM help those who need it most."

Musicians for DCM will feature Wellington's favourites, such as 
  • Barnaby Weir (The Black Seeds)
  • Eva Prowe
  • Ebony Lamb (Eb & Sparrow)
  • Darren Watson 
  • and Wayne Mason.

They will be backed up by The Hard Core Troubadours, a loose collective of well-known Wellington musicians, which will also present its own numbers.

Music plays a big part in the work DCM does so we can't wait!

"Musicians for DCM"
General Admission $30.00

Tickets are on sale at Eventfinda 
Join the Facebook event here 

Can't be there but still want to give? 
Please see our Givealittle page

DCM assisted over 850 individuals last year.
59% of these experienced homelessness at some point during the 12 months and
27% were without any kind of shelter 
(i.e. sleeping rough, sleeping in their car).

Next Week's Meeting - Friday 27th November

Title: Digital Banking - Where have we come from and where are we headed?
Speaker: Dean Burt


  • Setting Up: Stephen DB. & Marten Y.
  • Projector: Bryan H.
  • Opening Reflection: Linda R.
  • List Visitors: Geoff H.
  • Sergeant: George B.
  • Intro: Len K.
  • Thanks: Ern P.
  • Last Word: Ben B.

If you have a duty, please arrange your own relief and inform Linda R. by 7pm Thurs.
Thank you.

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