Tuesday, 15 September 2015

This Week's Chronicle: Friday 18th September

Nau Mai Haere Mai! 
Thank you and one and all for making our meetings such a huge success!

Speakers are thrilled at your positive reception as well as your enthusiasm! 

Each one of us makes and is the Club that is happening now. 
So much synergy that one can feel it!

Title: Introducing Strait Feronia                                             - the latest Strait Shipping Ferry

Speaker: Emma Garrity (Marketing Manager)

  • Emma Garrity is the Marketing Manager for Strait Shipping.
  • She looks after both the passenger and freight side of the business. 
  • She has extensive experience in marketing as well as experience in the shipping industry from previous roles previous roles with other organisations.


  • Setting Up: Colin C. & Bernard W.
  • Projector: Nicky B.
  • Opening Reflection: Jean P.
  • List Visitors: Ben B.
  • Sergeant: Brian F.
  • Intro: Gladwyn G.
  • Thanks: Ern P.
  • Last Word: Dexter B.

Last Week's Meeting - Friday 11th September

Title: Anti-Cyclonic Southerly Flow - An Autobiography
Speaker: Graham Boxall

Visitors: Graham Boxall (Speaker), Mary E., Norma P.
Apologies: Brian K., Bede C., Dexter B., Paul C.

Next Friday's Meeting - Friday 25th September

Title: The law as a tool for gender equity - a case study example in Nepal
Speaker: Rotary Scholar Lucie Greenwood


  • Setting Up: Dave E. & Kraft DS.
  • Projector: Stephen DB.
  • Opening Reflection: Bede C.
  • List Visitors: Marten Y.
  • Sergeant: Brian K.
  • Intro: John M.
  • Thanks: Yvonne DS.
  • Last Word: Loretta W.

Apologies: if you have a duty please arrange your own relief and inform
 Linda R., Club Secretary by 7pm Thursday
Thank you.

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