Tuesday, 28 July 2015

This Week's Chronicle: Friday 31st July

Title: Investing in Wellington's Future

Speaker: Deputy Mayor Justin Lester


  • Setting Up: Stephen DB.
  • Projector: Brian K.
  • Host Visitors: George B.
  • Opening Reflection: Bede C.
  • List Visitors: Bernard W.
  • Sergeant: Colin C.
  • Intro: Bryan H.
  • Thanks: Don L.
  • Last Word: Nicky B.

Last Week's Meeting - Friday 24th July 

Title: Club Forum 2015
Presentations: President John Moriarty, Dexter B., Jean P.

President and Team Leaders spoke about their ideas for the Club in this coming year.

Visitors: Loretta W.
Apologies: Bede C.,Gladwyn G.,Arthur Y., Ron H., David G., Brian F., Dave & Mary E.

Next Week's Meeting - Friday 7th August

Title: A Workplace Like No Other: Recruitment and the NZ Defence Forces
Speaker: Sub Lieutenant Maddy Win Royal New Zealand Navy


  • Setting Up: George B.
  • Projector: Gladwyn G.
  • Host Visitors: Colin C.
  • Opening Reflection: Ben B.
  • List Visitors: Bryan H.
  • Sergeant: Brian F.
  • Intro: Nicky B.
  • Thanks: Bede C.
  • Last Word: Yvonne DS.

Apologies to Club Secretary Linda R. by 7pm Thursday.
Thank you.

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