Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Changeover Bulletin 2015

Next Meeting Date: Friday 3rd July 

Speaker: Professor Robyn Phipps

Professor Robyn Phipps and her department at Massey University are working on the forefront of introducing practical affordable solutions to cold damp homes in NZ. 

She is the Program Director of the Construction programs at Massey University, Albany Campus.

Robyn's research interest include heating and ventilation in homes and schools, the effect these (or the lack of these) have on:
  • Dampness
  • Mould
  • Bacteria 
and other indoor pollutants and the health effects for the occupants.

Professor Phillips is also conducting research on the effects that construction defects have on the healthiness of:
  • Indoor Environment
  • Remediation of mould
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • and solar utilisation in buildings.

She is a Co-Director of the He Kainga Oranga Healthy Housing Research Group that was presented with the 2014 Prime Ministers Science Research Team Prize ($500,000) for research that has created a robust evidence of how relatively small improvements in the quality of housing can lead to significantly improved house outcomes.


  • Setting Up: Derek P.
  • Projector: Bede C.
  • Host Visitors: Ron H.
  • Grace: Wayne J.
  • List Visitors: Dave E.
  • Sergeant: Arthur Y.
  • Intro: Colin C.
  • Thanks: Paul C.
  • Last Word: Brian K.

RCCP invites interested parties to join us for lunch to hear Professor Phillips speak on the practical work that is being initiated to help combat NZ's cold damp homes.

Time: 12pm - 1:30pm

Where:  1st floor Bay Plaza Hotel 
40-44 Oriental Parade, Wellington

Cost: $25 (cash, cheque or EFTPOS)

RSVP: Jean P.

Please supply a contact name and email address so your attendance can be confirmed

Stop Press: Friday 17th July 
Lucia G. is our Rotary Global Grant Scholar and President John will introduce her at the meeting

Last Week -  President Changeover

Past President Bryan H. spoke with emotion about his year and Rotary Friendship and Fellowship.

The words he wanted to relay to the club were:
  • About the family of Rotary 
  • The honour that he felt of serving Rotary Courtenay Place. 
  • His fellow Rotarians.

This is what made the club so very special for him. 

It was a pleasure to see Incoming District Governor Simon M. joining us for the occasion.

The handing over ceremony followed.


My thanks to Past President Bryan for his work during the year and I am pleased to say that the initiatives he and the outgoing Board have passed on to us will continue.

Thanks also to the Club for a fine turnout at changeover. Rotary Courtenay Place definitely likes functions and I believe we can continue that theme during the year.

I'll be inviting two members to assist as Directors of Fellowship (FUN!) so that our Service can also be our pleasure. It can hardly be work if it's pleasure!

Although we will soon be having a Club Forum and Planning Meeting, I believe the following themes will meet everyone's approval and make Rotary Courtenay Place, THE place!

You will find I have an attentive ear for good ideas and anything else that will improve our experience as Rotarians.

Themes for my Presidential year.

  • Engagement - To be a member of Rotary is to be engaged in service. A "Service above Self" attitude and engagement are the only qualifications needed to be heartily effective.
  • Community of Interest - We are not called Rotary Courtenay Place for nothing - so our energies can be directed towards those who will genuinely derive significant benefit from our service - which is not solely about money.
  • Collaboration with others in our cluster will not only strengthen Rotary, but open doors for better fellowship.
  • New Members - I'd like anyone coming to visit us to be so impressed that they would want to come back and stay. It is up to each of us to make our meetings a delight to our visitors.

With the help of each of our members, the Board and I are very confident that the 2015-16 year will be "beneficial to all".

I am also delighted to announce a significant success for our Club in the International scene. 

Lucie G. approached our Club some months ago asking if we might consider her as a candidate for a Rotary Global Grant Scholarship. Bryan and I interviewed Lucie and she presented as an excellent candidate.

She explained that she wished to study at Cambridge and pursue a Master's Degree in International Relations. She also committed herself to work with Rotaract and to be involved in the family of Rotary and continue dialogue with us during her studies.

Lucie has just been awarded a Rotary Global Scholarship - valued at up to $US30,000 to pursue her degree at Cambridge. She will visit us shortly and you can meet our new (ambassador) scholar and hear her aspirations.

A wonderful evening organised by Past President Bryan, providing a Mastermind Quiz about Wellington, with his able assistant Evan. The placemats of old Wellington were amazing and obviously were a lot of work to produce in such quantity. 

On behalf of the Club thank you both.

The winning quizzers: Dexter, Paul, Wayne & Hiromi M.

- Trainee Duty Editor Linda R.

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