Tuesday, 9 June 2015

This Week's Chronicle: Friday 12th June

Title: Wellington's Economy in the Context of the City Council's Long-Term Plan                                      

Speaker: Derek Fry

Want to know what is happening to your city? 
Come and listen to what Derek Fry has to tell you!


  • Setting Up: Ern P.
  • Projector: Bede C.
  • Host Visitors: Ron H.
  • Grace: Linda R.
  • List Visitors: Dave E.
  • Sergeant: Arthur Y.
  • Intro: Marten Y.
  • Thanks: Jean P.
  • Last Word: George B.

Last Week's Meeting - Friday 5th June

Title: Earthquake Prone Building Test Case
Speaker: Ian Harrison

Ian Harrison's talk covered a test case on whether the Wellington City Council's designations of 'Earthquake Prone' buildings are lawful.

A determination has been sought from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment seeking to overturn the Council's designation of two apartment buildings.

Ian explained how a recent Supreme Court decision had set a clear test for identifying earthquake prone buildings and why the 34% of the new Building Standard benchmark used by the Council is inconsistent with that new test.

Ian also talked about the new seismic strengthening polices announced by the Minister of Building and Housing, the Honourable Nick Smith.

Visitors: Ian Harrison, Caroll C., Dexter B., Linda R., Helen Y., Peter & Rosie N.
Friends of Rotary: Mary E., Norma P.
Apologies: Brian F., Nicky B., David G., John C., Brian K., Paul C., Gladwyn G., Marten Y., Bede C., Bernard W.


Next Week's Meeting -  Friday 19th June

Title: "This is My Life - The Life and Times of a City Councillor"
Speaker: Wellington City Councillor Nicola Young

Nicola is a dynamic speaker!
If you are interested in the future growth of Wellington 
then come, listen and learn from what Nicola has to tell us! 


  • Setting Up: Colin C.
  • Projector: Stephen DB.
  • Host Visitors: Marten Y.
  • Grace: Nicola B.
  • List Visitors: Bernard W.
  • Sergeant: Arthur Y. 
  • Intro: Wayne M.
  • Thanks: Ben B.
  • Last Word: Jean P.

If you are rostered on and have a task at the next meeting, and cannot make it,
please arrange your own replacement and let Kraft know.

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