Tuesday, 7 April 2015

This Week's Chronicle: Friday 10th April

Title: How Valid is Your Will?

Speaker: Alan Knowsley


  • Setting Up: Ern P.
  • Projector: Stephen DB.
  • Host Visitors: Len K.
  • Grace: Don L.
  • List Visitors: Ben B.
  • Sergeant: Brian F.
  • Intro: Colin C.
  • Thanks: David E.
  • Last Word: Arthur Y.

Last Week - Friday 27th March: Trip to Zealandia

The following 17 members visited Zealandia and had lunch at the Zelandia Cafe:

  • Nicky B.
  • Colin C.
  • John C.
  • Bryan H.
  • Len K.
  • Brian K.
  • John M.
  • Wayne M.
  • Linda R.
  • Bernard W.
  • Raymond Arthur Y.
  • Marten Y.
  • Jean P.
  • Dave & Mary E.
  • Brian & Margaret F.

Apologies: George B., Don L., Ben B., Yvonne & Kraft DS., Gladwyn G., Stephen DB.


Members from our Club had a most enjoyable evening occupying Table No.1 
at the Goal Setters Awards Dinner at the Intercontinental Hotel 
on the evening of the 1st April.

Worthy recipients spoke very eloquently to thank Rotary for
 encouraging their motivation, learning and changing their lives.

Next Week's Meeting - Friday 17th April

Title: The Challenge of Strengthening St Mary of the Angels Church 

                  to meet Current NZ Seismic Code Requirements

Speaker: Brian McGuinness


  • Setting Up: Dave E.
  • Projector: Nicky B.
  • Host Visitors: Yvonne DS.
  • Grace: George B.
  • List Visitors: Jean P.
  • Sergeant: Wayne M.
  • Intro: Ben B.
  • Thanks: Bede C.
  • Last Word: Marten Y.

Please Note:
  • If you are unable to attend, please send your apology to President Bryan or Secretary Bernard.
  • If unable to fulfill your roster duty, please arrange your own replacement.
  • Any notices or Chronicle inclusions, please send to the Editor no later than Sunday lunchtime.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

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