Wednesday, 15 October 2014

This Week's Chronicle: Friday 17th October

Title: Wellington Transport Issues

Speaker: Iona Pannet

 Wellington's Public Transport Network:


  • Setting up: Ben B.
  • Projector: Stephen DB.
  • Host Visitors: Bernard W.
  • Grace: Dave E.
  • List Visitors: Ern P.
  • Sergeant: Brian K.
  • Intro: Brian F.
  • Thanks: Don L.
  • Last Word: Jean P.

Last Week's Meeting - Friday 10th October

Title: Cruising Around Europe
Speaker: Brian Klee

Brian and Mary travelled to Europe in early July and returned home via Shanghai.
Brian shared his experiences and many photos of their memorable trip.

Visitors: Robyn K.
Friends of Rotary: Mary E., Norma P.
Apologies: Colin C., Paul C., Gladwyn G., Yvonne and Kraft DS., Bernard W., John M., Nicky B.


  • Stroke Awareness Day
- A special thanks to Marten Y. for co-ordinating those who gave their time:
Jean P., Brian K., John M., George B and Wayne J.

  • Duck Race - Now's the time to start thinking about who will buy a Rubber Duck for the race on 30th November.
Corporates can buy their ducks for $200 and dress them up in their unique way to promote their business!

(The post after this is the Duck Race flyer
 with information about the event)

  • Rotary Foundation - Next month is Rotary Foundation Month and it will be a reminder for those who are not Centurian Club members, please give this serious consideration.

  • Colin & Paul Update - They survived the GO Rugby tournament in Mar del Plata, Argentina and are now in Southern Chile on a "road trip" after crossing the Andes on a boat/bus trip.

  • NO meeting on Friday 24th October

Next Meeting - Friday 31st October

Title: Understanding & Moving Towards a Sharing Economy
Speaker: Olivier Lacoua and fellow Wellington Rotarian


  • Setting up: John C.
  • Projector: Stephen DB.
  • Host Visitors: Marten Y.
  • Grace: Ron H.
  • List Visitors: Wayne J.
  • Sergeant: Wayne M.
  • Intro: John M.
  • Thanks: Len K.
  • Last Word: Arthur Y.

Please Note:
  • If you are unable to attend, please send your apology to President Bryan or Secretary Bernard.
  • If unable to fulfill your roster duty, please arrange your own replacement. 
  • Any notices or Chronicle inclusions, please send to the Editor (Kraft DS.)  no later than Sunday lunchtime.
Many thanks for your cooperation.

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