Tuesday, 30 September 2014

This Week's Chronicle: Friday 3rd October

Speaker: Sir Ananad Satyanand  


  • Setting up: Brian K.
  • Projector: Stephen DB.
  • Host Visitors: Marten Y.
  • Grace: Len K.
  • List Visitors: George B.
  • Sergeant: Brian F.
  • Intro: Gladwyn G.
  • Thanks: John C.
  • Last Word: Nicky B.

Last Week's Meeting - Friday 26th September

Title: Travels with Morning Report
Speaker: Geoff Robinson (Well done Geoff, we enjoyed having you!)

Friends of Rotary: Mary E., Norma P.
Visitors: Olivier R., Rhys W., Derrick G. (Hutt Valley Rotary Club)
Apologies: Bernard W., Wayne J., Colin C., Gladwyn G., Paul C., Utsav S.

Notices:  Our Chronicle Editorial Team is Growing! 

Now we have: 
  • Nicola B., Kraft DS., Utsav S., John M. and Brian K.

We would feel really comfortable with another couple more - come on Folk we know you'll are always there when we need you'll - so please don't feel shy or bashful to put your names forward!

Many hands make light work. It also means your turn will come up only now and again!

Next Week's Meeting - Friday 10th October

Title: Cruising Around Europe
Speaker: Brian Klee

Brian and Mary travelled to Europe in early July and returned via Shanghai.
They will share the experiences and photos of their memorable trip with the members.


  • Setting up: Marten Y.
  • Projector: Stephen DB.
  • Host Visitors: Don L.
  • Grace: George B.
  • List Visitors: Dave E.
  • Sergeant: Arthur Y.
  • Intro: Nicky B.
  • Thanks: Jean P.
  • Last Word: John M.

Please Note:
  • If you are unable to attend, please send your apology to President Bryan or Secretary Bernard.
  • If unable to fulfill your roster duty, please arrange your own replacement. 
  • Any notices or Chronicle inclusions, please send to the Editor (Kraft DS.)  no later than Sunday lunchtime.
Many thanks for your cooperation.

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