Tuesday, 17 June 2014

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Reminder: There will be NO lunchtime meeting this Friday due to the Change-Over Dinner on Thursday.

Don't forget to make your reservation with Len or George! 

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Last Week - Friday 13th June 

Title: Chiasma
Speaker: Sheen Joseph 

  • Sheen Joseph, a pHD student in Geophysics at Victoria University spoke about the student-led organisation, ‘Chiasma’ and its mission of connecting students with industry. 
  • He also touched on a lack of knowledge about opportunities that exist for post-graduate students within our economy. Chiasma has demonstrated much success in connecting students to Biotech industries in Auckland since its inception 10 years ago. 
  • Now, its mission is to do the same in Wellington. Sheen, the CEO of Chiasma Wellington, touched on his vision to connect non-science students with industry partners, stating that, “the line between arts and science is blurring….students from all fields are particularly relevant in the commercialisation of ideas that will benefit our economy and society”
  • He also mentioned Chiasma’s aim of motivating entrepreneurship in students during their varsity years. His talk ended with an outline of some of Chiasma’s industry partners such as Callaghan Innovation, Grow Wellington and Medicines NZ. 

Guests: Jing Jing W.,  Savan.,  Jean Phipps , Sheen Joseph (Speaker)
Friends of Rotary: Norma P., Ben P.
Apologises: Gladwyn G., Yvonne DS., Kraft DS., Brian F., Wayne J., Ron H., Mary E. 

Next Week's Meeting - Friday 27th June


Ruchi: Take Kiwi Rotarian's Can-Do Attitude to the Indian Himalayas and Prosperity or Rebellion? 

Speaker: Jean Phipps 

About ‘Ruchi’ :
  • In 2004 DG Barbara Williams wanted a District Centennial Project that would involve service. With the help of a Rotary ambassadorial scholar, Ellie Sanderson, RUCHI (an NGO), in the Himalayas was identified. 
  • Jean went to Europe via the Himalayas and this has led to 10 years of involvement. A $1/2 million project will bring water, sanitation, irrigation, education, and personal dignity to a cluster of struggling villages.

About the speaker Jean Phipps: 
  • Jean Phipps was born in Northern Ireland where she attended a tiny country school. 
  • Her parents sold up and moved to NZ. Her father passed away when she was 13. Her mother was a nurse. At the age of 12 she decided that dietetics was the career for her.
  • She got a studentship at Otago and studied Home Science doing the teaching option. She taught at Wellington Girls College for a year even though she had already been offered a job in industry (bonded you know). 
  • She married, and later became a solo parent. She has never been on a benefit and had to face considerable criticism for being a working mum. 
  • She has 2 daughters -  Gaeline who is a barrister specialising in medical law, Robyn who is a Professor of Engineering and Advanced Technology at Massey, and a son, David, who has double degrees and runs ABLAZE, the business he talked her into financing him into when he completed his BCom. She has known Marten for over 20 years. 

  • She is fortunate to be at home in both Ireland and New Zealand and to have outlived both her parents and young sister. Her parents taught her that “it was better to wear away than ‘rust away’”, so life so far has just eroded the edges. 
  • There is a lot more to do and Rotary is a great organisation to do it through.  She has 5 grand daughters and 1 grandson and was invited to join Rotary just over 25 years ago.


  • Setting up: Ern P.
  • Projector: Nicky B.
  • Host Visitors: Ben B.
  • Grace: Len K.
  • List Visitors: Bernard W.
  • Sergeant: Brian K.
  • Intro: Arthur Y.
  • Thanks: Wayne J.
  • Last Word: Yvonne DS.

Please note:

  • If you are unable to attend, please send your apology to President George or Secretary Bearnard.
  • If unable to fulfill your roster duty, please arrange own replacement.
  • Any notices or Chronicle inclusions, please send to the Editor (Kraft DS.) no later than Sunday lunchtime.
Many thanks for your cooperation.

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