Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Chronicle: Friday 13th June

Title: 'Chiasma' Connecting Research Students to Hi-Tech Industries

Speaker of the week: 

Sheen Joseph Phd Student Victoria University of Wellington

Roster for the week: 

  • Setting up: John C.
  • Projector: Stephen DB
  • Host Visitors: Paul C.
  • Grace: Gladwyn G.
  • List Visitors: Bernard W.
  • Sergeant: Wayne M.
  • Intro: Utsav S.
  • Thanks: Dave E.
  • Last Word: Bryan H.

Last Week

Title: Applied Kinesiology - Could Help Your Health & Change Your Life!
Speaker: Vanessa Young

Vanessa Young (a relative of Marten Young) spoke to us three years ago but today it was about Kinesiology. It was interesting to learn that muscle testing started in the early 1900's to test imbalance in the body organs. This particular area of science has a 90.5% accuracy level, which is interesting. She said that science does not represent certainty and therefore we should not throw things that don't make sense. It certainly made us all think. 

Guests: Dave B., Sovan T., Ying W., Hiromi M., Miko M., Joanne J.
Friends of Rotary: Norma P.
Apologies: Nicky B., Yvonne DS., Kraft DS., John M., Marten Y.

Miko M. was acknowledged and thanked for her big effort on the website for the Chronicle. Comments and feedback would be appreciated 


Change-Over Dinner on 19th June 
- don't forget to make your reservation with Len or George

Please hurry! A few Entertainment books are available for purchase. 

Be in early to get maximum value!

Please Note: No Lunch Time Meeting on Friday 20th June

But watch out for this one!


Ruchi - Take Kiwi Rotarian's Can-Do Attitude to the Indian Himalayas and Will It Cause Prosperity or Rebellion?

        Speaker: Jean Phipps 

  • Setting up: Ern P.
  • Projector: Nicky B.
  • Host Visitors: Ben B.
  • Grace: Len K.
  • List Visitors: Don L.
  • Sergeant: Brian K.
  • Intro: Arthur Y.
  • Thanks: Wayne J.
  • Last Word: Yvonne DS.

Please note:

  • If you are unable to attend, please send your apology to President George or Secretary Bearnard.
  • If unable to fulfill your roster duty, please arrange own replacement.
  • Any notices or Chronicle inclusions, please send to the Editor (Kraft DS.) no later than Sunday lunchtime.
Many thanks for your cooperation. 

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