Saturday, 9 March 2013

Great talk, fantastic person

During our last lunch we had the great pleasure to have Getrude Matshe as a speaker. What a fantastic person, so inspiring. She told us about her life in Zimbabwe, around the world and in New Zealand. 

Like she says: "when I speak I can see that people can’t believe that people in Zimbabwe live on US0.30c a month; that the life expectancy of a Zimbabwean female is 34 years"... No help is too small, but she decided to do lots via Africa Alive Education Foundation, an organization that supports HIV orphans in Zimbabwe. On this website you can buy Getrude's book or become a subscriber for as little as $5 per month and help to pay school fees for a child in Zimbabwe.

She did not have the time to talk about John Fawcett during the talk, but I was lucky enough to discuss with Getrude after lunch. John helps, via his Foundation, people to get cataract eye surgery. His foundation helped restore sight to 34,000 people over the last 21 years. You can donate online via $100 allow to pay eye surgery for one person. You will be giving one person the gift of sight, so be generous!
His biography will soon be available on Amazon. In the meantime you can learn more about him thanks to the video Getrude made about him:
Another great Rotary experience!