Thursday, 28 April 2011

Downtown Community Ministry

Downtown Community Ministry
On this first week of May we’ll have the pleasure to receive Stephanie McIntyre who will tell us more about the Downtown Community Ministry

Stephanie McIntyre is the Director of Wellington’s Downtown Community Ministry – an innovative social service agency focusing on homelessness.

DCM pursues a “housing first” approach to this social issue that seeks to address and prevent homelessness, rather than simply provide services for homeless people.

This approach has led DCM to be a key player in establishing an intersectoral Homeless Prevention Strategy Group in Wellington, and to champion the establishment of “wet housing” as an accommodation option for chronically relapsing alcoholics whose alcoholism results in them ending up on the streets.

DCM has also been innovative in the community sector for its fundraising strategies, and for its employment practices which recruits former clients to both paid and voluntary roles.

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